Over the Christmas holidays, there was discusion on Hacker News about an article on WebRTC and the future of web games.

This got me interested in exploring WebRTC again, and in particular, the Data Channel API.

I quickly found a Google Codelab, and after a half hour or so, realized I really enjoyed what I was seeing, and started to think about creating some Web Components using Polymer.

Earlier in the week, I had completed another Google Codelab, building an Image Carousel with Polymer 2.0, so naturally I decided to use this version.

What I present here is a recreation of the code for step-02 (Chapter 5), step-03 (Chapter 6), step-05 (Chapter 8), and step-06 (Chapter 9) of the Google Codelab, using the Web Components I created.

Note: I originally intended this to be just one post, but as I started to write it, I realized it was going to be pretty large, so I have decided to break it into a small series of posts.

Caution: While the WebRTC API is pretty much stable these days, it has not been finalized, and is subject to Change. As well, Polymer 2.0 is a preview release, and will almost certainly change before release. I did all my work in Chrome, so it's possible none of this will work in other browsers.